Grandpa’s Breath

Grandpa’s Breath Cannabis Strain

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Very good

The boys were freshly zooted. The conversation turned into a competition who could say the word gushers with the accent of a dear relative. Something that no one had ever done. Then it happened. At first we all thought we were hearing things. But then it happened again. We were doing it. GuiissshhhheeeeRRrrRrSsszzzzzz. So perfectly. The crisp sound of uncle Izak asking for the gushers sounded like a freshly baked melody out...
Very good

Potent but not overwhelming. The answer to my anxiety prayers.

This strain is mainly a relaxation station. This is perfect for body aches and pains! If a completely healthy person were to smoke this just for fun, it would be most effective to smoke it at night time as it most likely will put you in a comfy atmosphere.
Very good

• I always enjoy meeting a new friend, & ⛽️🍇💣Grandpa’s Breath is no different! This is a pretty pungent one, so newbies may not enjoy this one as much as ‘ol timers, as it’s pretty harsh on both uptake + exhale. Tastewise + terpenicly-speaking, this particular Grandpa is easy on the GDP, heavy on the OG Kush, but painful menstrual cramps quickly dissipated + my joint/muscular pain lessened tremendously—medicinally this gra...
Very good

Love this strain helped me sleep and loved the flavor highly recommend 👍🏾👌🏾
Very good

This strain has the weirdest name but the most amazing effects. It’s the ultimate chill but no couch lock unless you choose it then you will just melt into your couch with Grandpa’s Breath. Give this one a try, it’s a must!
Very good

This is a heady, beautiful strain that made me happy. The high is cerebral and physical, it made me want to do longer and deeper stretches. My back pain and shoulder pain reduced significantly. Good for the evening when you are winding down, want to get sexy 😂
Very good

Goodbye muscle spasms ✌️
Very good

Smoker 30+ yrs and normally only get a mild buzz at best these days wothout blowing thru a 1/8th in a night. Not so with Grandpas Breath. I love the heavier leaning sedative effects, and the smoke tastes amazing. I suffer from anxiety disorder and had no issues when enjoying larger amounts. Overall decent lasting smooth groove. Bonus: If you can find it I ground 50% Grandpas Breath with 50% Hellfire. Nice trippy high.

Wonderful strain to smoke in the evening. Got a beautiful taste and look. Top Shelf imo.