Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I'm really a big fan of this strain. I was able to test the potency of what I had with the HiGrade scope and app, measuring the potency at 23% THC. Definitely one of my favorites lately!

trash👎👎👎 this Bud has got to be some of the worse bud that I've smoked in year's,I almost gave it away. THE look smell and taste did for me....But unfortunately the medicine didn't work good thing I had a stash of the Goods
Very good

I don't give many 5* rating but this does everything you want a Indica to do. Full body high but functional and very potent, so beginners be easy or you'll be sleep fast. To the moon and back with this one.
Very good

GSC is one of the highs that take you on to a deeper level. The effects of this strain gave me a happy and aware high, but with the couch locking indica effects. This strain also tends to make you uncontrollably laugh when with friends or family. Highly recommend to anyone that suffers chronic pain and or depression.
Very good

One of my all time favorites! Love the flavor, cerebral high, and it's very relaxing and takes away my muscle pains. Pretty much everything I need in one strain.
Very good

Smooth smoke, tasty very similiar to girl scout cookies! Awesome relaxation feeling I’d smoke this bud any day
Very good

My absolute favorite!! From the looks to the taste!!

nose 👃🏽 stingily very touching
Very good

Very relaxing cerebral head high
Very good

a relaxing mellow body high , good taste deff an indica I'm be enjoying for awhile