Grand Doggy Purps

Grand Doggy Purps Cannabis Strain

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Do Indicas give you energy? Do you have severe chronic neuropathic pain? Do you want to achieve enlightenment and watch KRS-One videos for 45 minutes? Sup, you from out of town, or...
Very good

I dropped the vial and used gorilla taoe :)
Very good

5 star godfather
Very good

One of my favorites so far! I had a headache and not only did I feel better but my mood improved as well. This is perfect for the end of a busy day at the office.

I love this as a concentrate as the CBD content is turned way up bringing excellent pain relief and anti inflammatory properties to the party. Really heavy, body buzz with a strong sense of relaxation and euphoria. As leaf, lower CBD content but excellent overall for same reasons above.
Very good

Grand Doggy Purps, is an indica-dominant hybrid being produced in Illinois by Gold Leaf. The flower has a sweet smell which translates into a very smooth, flavorful inhale. The strain stimulates mood, relieves pain and provides the patient with clear cerebral energy.

This was fucking awful, and I’m hoping it’s just because of the grow facility. Tried this with my friend who got it from her local dispensary in Rockford, IL. We have used a volcano for over a decade, and tried one bag of this. We got violently sick immediately after only a few draws and ended up vomiting violently for hours and had the worst headaches of our entire lives. I tasted the most incredibly awful chemical taste an...
Very good

fell asleep within minutes and slept all night. I can't remember last time I slept well. just felt cozy comfy happy peaceful. pure Bliss. very smooth too

flavor amazing,smell Amazing definitely a heavy Sativa!!!!! But it did trigger my anxiety not a long time but I definitely had to take a few seconds to myself to collect myself. if it wasn't for that I would buy more but as of now I am looking for another strain
Very good

Makes me eat like a ravenous wildebeest.