Gooberry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I tried to leave a review while smoking this and couldn't remember how. so I went to find snacks instead. Then I just smiled for a while. My back hurts less. Its time for bed. :)

💦🍓🍇 as the name suggests gooberry is a lovely flower with tight dense nugs, pungent smell, a flavor between Earth Berry and gas or when I call my favorite! Definitely a winner and not overly sweet for my gassy taste buds. All around great medicine. From just relaxing to deep thinking this will get it done😉 💦🍇🍓
Very good

Perfect strain! All around pleasure to smoke! Great taste and great high! Perfect for insomniacs! This one is in my top 5.

It does the job of making me sleepy, but it also make me real thirsty (enough for me to wake up multiple times to get a drink), which offsets its effectiveness for me. Also, it has a tendency to make me feel a little dizzy too which I do not like.
Very good

Gooberry is my go-to evening enjoyment. I can't wait until Artizen comes out with a concentrate. The flower isn't exactly pungent, but more enveloping on the senses if that makes any sense. It's obviously sweet and berry, but it also seems to warm you and the room. Relaxing, positive (I liked what Annabean said about it recently), dreamy and very euphoric. No anxiety, paranoia, headache or dizziness that I've experienced. Hi...
Very good

This is the love strain. Unpleasant thoughts that I usually dwell on when I smoke sativas are seen from a more objective point of view and they are no longer bothersome. It makes you feel euphoric without being overly energized (similar to mania) and instead makes you feel relaxed from the head down. The best way I can explain the anti-anxiety properties is that every anxious thought you’ve had about negative past event...
Very good

Great night time strain for comedy TV binge watching and sex followed by raiding the fridge with a deep nights sleep. I smoke 24/7 and especially keep this strain tucked away for those nights when I need a good O and 8 hours of deep sleep.
Very good

I am so grateful for this stuff. Riding out Hurricane Harvey with a smile on my face. This stuff had me relaxed and baking Snickerdoodles while watching Disjointed (Goddess bless Kathy Bates lol). I even got two loads of laundry done. I was alert enough to watch for tornados but my anxiety is definitely under control. rxj38l: rock me like a hurricane if 😜💕
Very good

Smooth and kicked back....
Very good

Amazing strain for when you're sleepy! Would recommend but it is a heavy hitter, two hits and I'm high!