Golden State Banana

Golden State Banana Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Son of gun....this stuff kills. Highly recommend. I agree with the other raters.....this is great weed...not for the faint of heart.
Very good

Flower POWER biznitches!!!! Listen - the front of this can boasts a lab tested 30.4% thc - is that even possible? That is by far the highest claim I have heard to date and it’s stamped on the side of the package (can)...Paper planes is a respectable lab and the cans come sealed too, anyway you could tell the quality right away from the fruity/skunky pungent smell that came wafting up when I popped the top to the fluorescent ...
Very good

Some of the sexiest buds I’ve ever held, bright green and so pungent-the side of this can claims 30.5% that even possible in a flower form??? I don’t smoke very much flower anymore but I couldn’t resist this heavy hitter, absolutely floored me!!! Indica indica indica!!! Loved the can it came in!!! Packaged and most definitely grown with quality in mind!
Very good

Holy crap. I typically have to smoke somewhere between a whole joint to a whole blunt to feel decent effects from a strain. This took a single tiny rip off some of my glass. Still creeping up on me almost half an hour after I smoked. I'm melting into my bed, ready for one hell of a night's sleep. Easily my new favorite before bed strain. I suffer from severe chronic insomnia and this is exactly what I need. Bought at Barbary...

Absolutely phenomenal strain. Washington certainly didn't disappoint with this one. Fruity, relaxing, strong, and somehow still energizing and subtle. I thoroughly enjoyed this strain in the morning as well as the evening. The nugs weren't too large but were dense and generous, and the taste was incredible. Nothing but wonderful things to say about this strain.

great taste. well balanced hybrid imo. not too sedative. very mello

Taste: fruity, sweet, lemon-banana candy-like with notes of earth and tobacco. Taste a bit artificial in my opinion. Effects: creeping high; combination of indica and satire effects, very tingly body feeling!
Very good

Golden State Banana nana fo fana fee fi fo fana I just smoked a bit of you and now i’m kinda in a jamma a slamma a seaside cabana with an amaretto slammer and a hammer hee haw’n a clamour to the goddamn moon! Holy shit i say when and yet here we are at it again Killing more brilliant brain cells just to sell the terry william tell of the tail as i wail and sail, your heart off into words of ocean deep ink, to sink, yo...
Very good

straight gas!!!! The smell on this is really unique and the smoke is even better. great stuff
Very good

Beautiful buds, super tasty , one of my favorite strains for sure!!