Godfather Purple Kush

Godfather Purple Kush Cannabis Strain

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great buzz, sweet taste.

I use to love this strain it's yummy and an awesome body high! but after I started taking my anxiety medications it seemed to make me way more anxious.
Very good

Nice heavy high

Not my favourite. I couldn't focus on anything, serious couch-lock followed by dizziness, headache, and nausea. Oh and wicked dry mouth.
Very good

This strain is off the charts. U will not be disappointed at all.
Very good

This strain is off the charts. You will def not be disappointed all around

It was a good sleeping high, my friend has a 3D tv and we wares polar express and it was like we were in the movie! It is well recommended, I'd say nothing wrong with it. But I'd really say that about any weed!

Deeply relaxing with a sluggishly heady feel. Vivid dreams with a groggy wake up.

Delicious flavor in a Pax 2 on heat setting 2, sweet grape and very pleasant. I raised the temp to 3 and I started getting very jittery. Will have to try again, the flavor is great but the side effects aren't seemingly worth it.

I wanted to review just "God kush" but couldn't find it. The God kush I have is also purple so maybe it's the same thing. Anyway, it's very purple. It's a pretty bud! Very beautiful with tons of terp. Great for pain and stress. Longer lasting.