Godfather OG

Godfather OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I picked up this today. My first time trying...."Oh, Happy Day" :)
Very good

I got 2gs of this today. Damn it's good af. variation of colors. taste amazing . and now I'm shook 😂😂😂😂
Very good

This strain is highly tasty, its that deep taste it leaves after hitting it a few times. I would prefer this strain to anyone who feels over worked or in some serious pain! If you went through a breakup, smoke this strain. I don’t comment much on these sites and don’t have time to make people buy The Godfather og but I don’t regret it
Very good

Upon smoking God Father Og, I thought it would knock me out, but I was wrong! The was mainly in the body, a little head mix in their because I kept getting up and going threw my things. So I know the Sativa end is their! The body buzz was above par though, and the smell reminded me of an ultra sweet OG kush with a sweet and Earthy tone! Good smoke, would’ve been better if it knocked me out! Peace 4 now and Happy Blazing! Lol...
Very good

Super Fire
Very good

Very potent body high with a vibrant all over feeling. Two thumps up!!
Very good

Ive been a steady smoker for over a year. Taking big hits. All that good stuff. Recently had 2 panic attacks in a row going from Tahoe - Blue Dream. At first i thought it was because i was on medication. Second time it happened and i wasnt on anything. Third panic attack i was under no influence. I tried CBD products and little amounts of THC here and there. But i had chest pains and weird feelings. Basically everything was ...
Very good

Depending on your tolerance, experienced or Newbie...It will hit you hard af! Great strain for relaxing and lounging. Smokable any time during the day🙌🏾🙌🏾
Very good

A Great Nightime strain...GOOD NIGHT! !!...But very high THC ...great sedated high.
Very good

Had picked this up a few nights ago & got to admit it had me on my ass coughing up a lung this strain got that power punch high & the aroma smell of piney dank petrol.. wouldn’t recommend this to the new smokers trying to medicate to this on a nice evening if you have plans that night u might end up asleep waking up to some major cotton mouth & wanting another session