God's Treat

God's Treat Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is This is yes I repeated it twice true GOD BUD. Being high is Cool but staying high ia better...this bud will keep you high all day. damn I'm high
Very good

Beautiful buds, pungent and sweet smell, and very nice to smoke. Slow burns and provides a relaxing, yet euphoric high that really triggered the artist in me. My sketches are looking better than they have since high school. Would definitely purchase again.

Best strain I've ever tried and I've been smoking for 14 years of my life
Very good

First time poster, short time smoker here. Though I've only been smoking 3 years it's been every day due to lots of metal in my body causing some severe pain and depression. I now smoke every day. I go to work, then smoke a bowl to sleep. Now to the review: GT - This stuff has me just fucking flowing. I just rapped Snoop's Da Shiznit at 2x speed. This strain truly is God's treat as my leg spasms are gone, the nerves aro...

Great, smooth high.
Very good

I'm about to try it all I've heard is dank and no negative. wish me luck.
Very good

critical with god bud
Very good

Really dank but sweet smell. Smoke is really smooth nothing to harsh. The effects settle in slowly but it's actually enjoyable mainly because you can feel yourself getting lifted gradually.

great form and funnction. out of the 4 ive grown 3 had purple phernotypes and looked great