GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Very good

GMO is the best it’s been my go to for last 3 weeks! Usually I have to change up (high tolerance) but not with GMO it’s still keeping me in a place of peace,my pain is is at an acceptable level been searching for months to find something to help my pain that would keep up with tolerance issue and pain and GMO IS IT! It has an earthy sweet taste. best in Michigan #27Wellness

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Very good

Intense smell, petrol/gas smell. Incredible bud structure, color, everything was on point. It’s a perfect blend of the Chemdawg and GSC. 5/5 all day
Very good

I enjoy the pain relief and euphoria but man, I'll never get over the strong after taste. Still, fantastic for pain relief.

After trying this as a pre-roll from a dispensary, I was surprised at the effects. Though I wasn't too fond of the flavor of the bud, the effects hit me at a hundred miles an hour. I was immediately glued to my chair and giggling like an idiot. The scent is very earthy, and the taste is very chemical-like. The high lasted about 3 hours for me from 1/2 a joint. Overall, I'd give it a 4, but just because of my taste preference...
Very good

GMO?? That was my first thought. But actually it’s probably in reference to the parents. Chemdawg+Girl Scout Cookie. Chemical Cookie=GMO Cookie. After just one rip this is what my mind came up with. It taste great and functional. Let’s end this review before the second one,
Very good

great strain. reeks of garlic and gasoline. will grow more next year

the price they set here in AZ is not worth since there few others out there already that match the high. Bud porn wise, Oh My Fucking God this is a beautiful flower, the smell is so unique and, it sparkles in the light. DYI people, it has a great Kief count and makes solid resin. so in all a good bud but there are other strains at a more reasonable price.

30%thc according to label. bought in West Michigan. kind of a harsh smoke but has a nice flavor and after taste. effects felt from head to toe. it's one of the few strains I have found that gives me body relief along with a nice euphoria.