Gigabud Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Exactly what I was looking for to help me fall asleep. Took a little while for the feelings to settle in but once they did.. wow. My whole body is relaxed. This is a very potent body high which melts me into my bed with pleasant thoughts, and my thoughts aren’t too racy so it’s easy to fall asleep.

I really like this strain. I’m not much for real heavy indices but this was the bomb. It slowly creeps on you and settles in nicely. You feel happy, relaxed and sleepy. You can comprehend most things, but definitely a bedtime strain. Not too overwhelming!
Very good

This strain left our whole group giggling & looking at each other cross-eyed. Non of us had been that stoned in a while, it was great!

Planting all five of my seeds turned out to be a head ache when it came to “predicting” the final weeks of flower and knowing when to flush. These autos start and finish on their own time so I have one that matured at 73. Two more left and I think there’s anywhere between 1-4 weeks left. That’s 12-16 weeks. Better off to go with a regular you know when the flower process starts. Major lose is the time I’ve been flushing th...

Surprisingly heady for an indica, but oh boy does it knock you out. I'll be on the couch for the rest of the night. This would be great for lighting up with friends and laying back to watch movies and eat shitty food.
Very good

I really enjoyed this medicine it was recommended by a gentleman in Kind store in Tempe a little pricey but came through
Very good

Strong smell but very good and smooth. Tasty. I would recommend for sure.
Very good

Very clean head stone. I felt like being on the move, but would get lost in thought and had to snap out of it a couple times. A nice and positive high could be a strain for those suffering from depression.
Very good

Great strain for those days where you are telling yourself you "need a drink when you get home". Very mellowing feeling with slight physical "vibes" flowing. Definitely reminiscent of 60's stoner hippy mellow.
Very good

This is a great non productive sleepy strain. It's fruity flavors give it a great taste. Smoke it up and prepare yourself for the munchies. After you gobble up the grub expect to lay down and pass out. Wake up alert and ready to go or go ahead and repeat.