Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Yo🌿🌿🌿Are you looking for a legit plug for your top weed strains & shrooms ‼️ Whatsapp....+1 (210) 265-1016 ‼️Telegram:castroweed

it's a good strain ▪hits fast ▪nice head high ▪a bit of a energy boost ▪pain management wise I'd say 6/10 ☆
Very good

Closest flower I’ve found that gives similar carefree effects as an oil.

"Ew, this Greek yogurt-- / it tastes moldy or something." / "That's Dial shampoo."
Very good

Anyone with depression should try this. It does more than any pill ever has. I feel like I can just live without that shitty dark cloud following me everywhere. Meta sold us this Sativa and I literally couldn't be happier.
Very good

Great feeling, and got back to normal in 90-120 minutes
Very good

This strain kept through the summer and I’m so glad. I mean it’s a lot at first but it mellows out. Recommend for video game marathons or homework.
Very good

My personal favorite strain. Great for hanging out on a nice day. Once in a while I luck out and get my hands on some Ghost Train Haze shatter. It’s the perfect strain to throw in my pen while playing some Pokémon Go. Expect an energizing and uplifting high. If you run across this bud be sure to take some home with you.

PARANOIA!!!!!! Bad don’t like. clouds my head. :,(