Ghost Rider OG

Ghost Rider OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Definitely lives up to its reputation. Very dense, slow burning buds, give you a moderate body high, which diminish stress and anxiety within minutes. And the aroma and taste are just what you would expect from any Kush/Kush-hybrid... Pure Goodness! Love this hybrid!
Very good

For sure one of my top 5 strains I like..I'm a sativa preferred person but this indica made my top list..enuff said,maaan!

This did me good, relaxed as heck. Fully recommend
Very good

i had been smoking some snigglefritz and Sativa for a week. I need my indica and I need it strong. I ran into some money today. I bought Ghost Rider with what I had and I can’t believe how beautiful this one is. Right off the bat, the euphoria washed over my body. Nothing like harder psychedelics but for cannabis I was very impressed. My anxiety, which has been too high for a month, was alleviated wave by wave/hit by hit and...

so beautiful

I didn’t even feel like nick cage at all wtf??

I have to say that this is my all time favorite strain. I found it when I was smoke shop hopping in Colorado on vacation. It's very Euphoric. I loved it for it's medicinal purposes. Whenever I felt bad from my multiple sclerosis I would smoke some and. Actually feel normal like nothing was wrong. I am out and haven't had any since last December after I carried it home with me. But we will meet again soon because I'll be back...
Very good

I am going to say this is the heavy hitter. I don't usually care for strong Indica but this strain is enjoyable for me. If you primarily love Indica strains you must find it and try it. I don't think the piney smell is as pleasant as other piney smelling types. It's strong. It's body high. Good for insomnia, anxiety and nerve pain.