Gelato Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very good

I love this strain. It makes my shoulder pain disappear. I feel a comfortable euphoria but i still feel stimulated and able to get things done around the house. Great for a chill afternoon.
Very good

I got a 3.5 of this for 30 bucks and it was a great high.
Very good

This is the one. The one that has it all. Like orange juice in the morning. There is only one strain I like better than Hindu Kush and this is it. Tastes great and hits hard.Not going to waste a bunch of words. 6 stars and counting.

Very strong on the indica side. That being said you can definitely make out the sunset sherbert side. With of course a cookie mint dark chocolate haze Flavor. Very spongey with delicious resin glands and sticky. Pain relief: 9.5/10 A Flavor: 8.5 B+ Potency: 8.5/10 B+ Look: 10/10 A+ Overall grade AA must try Estimated ratio of batch: 90%indica-10%sativa
Very good

A TOP 3 FAVORITE STRAIN. This is especially good in dab pens or in rigs/ nectar collectors. The high is extremely sativa effects. A high you must listen to music & jam to or watch comedy. It makes u all smiley n giggly.
Very good

Amazing! Helps me stay on task and productive whenever I am working on a project or job

Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert were the parent genetics of this valued strain. She is with immediate visual appeal: bright orange pistils stand out against forest green leaves that are accented by shades of deep purple pigments shades are called anthocyanins are stimulated by cold weather in the late vegetative stage. Gelato cannabis strain is a 55/45 Indica dominant hybrid bred by Cookie Fam...

Method of consumption - Flower, Smoking. ————— Smell — I will divvy this category up into three pieces. Full flower, grounded up flower, and smoke. Full — Very strong. (8.5 out of 10.) I had to keep it hidden in a vacuum container. Floral, woodsy, and earthy. Ground — The sugary floral and citrus sweetness gave my olfactory sense a whiplash. It's overpowering but, in an amazing sense. Smoke — Pungent* but still fruit...
Very good

If you don’t smoke much or smoke mostly mids like me, take it easy with this stuff. For the first time in my life I greened out from this stuff. Usually I smoke indicas and strains high in CBD so this one being very high in THC I smoked way too much which sent me puking and I had a massive panic attack. Can’t rate it badly because it was obviously good, but not the strain for me lol.