Gas Mask

Gas Mask Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This stuff is great. Chills me out. But then I usually pass out and sleep really hard for seveal hours. Not the kind you would smoke if you have anything else to do that day. But I do enjoy being Hella chill. Cuz im usually really high strung.
Very good

My favorite part about this strain is the scent! She’s super pungent and has a little bit of a chocolatey aroma. It also has beautiful trichomes. You can tell it’s an indica just by the smell and appearance alone! In regards to the type of high: relaxing, pain relieving, no cotton mouth(!). I smoked a bit due to a migraine and Gas Mask actually helped a lot. Not my favorite indica ever but will definitely repurchase!
Very good

a real kick that comes out of no where. And you say to yourself “dam I’m high asf” #GasMask 💯
Very good

This strain gave off a straight body buzz. No head high at all. Gave you that tired eyes feeling as well. Deff recommend this strain for indica lovers.
Very good

Very relaxing. Citrus taste through bong. Come down is clean, could fall asleep but can also stay awake. Very euphoric high as well
Very good

Very strong and gassy...A straight to it high and ummmm haven't came down yet so idk wat that's like lol but so far I love it
Very good

Love the smell and it gave me a good, relaxed high.
Very good

This mind bender is a fantastic bundle of joy and happiness. Capable of knocking even the most veteran of smokers off their feet. This plants potency seems exponential (It's over 9000!!!!!) but is euphoric in nature and relaxing in its roots and has earned a perfect rating from me.
Very good

This weed has a sweet bubble gum smell for miles. I just smoked a fresh sample, and wow smooth smoke with an exhale of white smoke. The after taste kicked me like a mule! No joke tasted like I just ate a handful of cherry sour patch gummies and strong citrus, what a surprise that was. Beware though it's a power House of a strain. So pucker up buttercup, light weights watch out and prepare to get gased!
Very good

This strain definitely lives up to its name and description. I love the smell and taste of this bud. It's very relaxing and calming. Perfect for pain and inflammation as well.