Garlic Bud

Garlic Bud Cannabis Strain

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Dear Space Hoes, this news comes from planet hoe: Garlic Bud is a giddy strain. I was a little down on this rainy day on planet hoe, but after a bowl of this I'm pretty high and uplifted into our marvelous hoe clouds. Anywho, pick this up for a good time. - DR Avocado

Very distinct smell and taste in my personal opinion. Nice relaxed up feelin, cool it’s a new strand just came across the shit.
Very good

This strain has an amazing and unique smell. I would highly recommend it for the true connoisseur.
Very good

I smoked two bowls of this in the bathtub and rubbed my knees and hands with a cloth for an hour while laughing. Definitely recommend for pain and depression.
Very good

Tried this strain for first time and "WOW" took about five to ten minutes for full effect to sink in and I was out of bed and moving. Good pick me up feeling. This strain I think is great for the price.

First off, this strain is amazing - that's all you need to know to go pick some up for yourself. I am 90% of the time a Sativa only guy. This Indica is the only Indica I would choose over any of my Sativas. Simply put - it's Indica perfection. At 24% THC this one kicks hard. It isn't a couch locker - but you still might want to sit down. You'll retain all motor skills; you'll just be floating in a warm, creative and happy cl...
Very good

: Solid Buds. Really fat Nuggets. Love the intense smell. Really potent smoke. Hits me order than some of my indoors. Mellow, long lasting High.

This strain seemed to make my heart race and give me some anxiety. I don't feel as relaxed as others had suggested I would.
Very good

This is a very good bud ons is poes hoog
Very good

Along with being very potent, this strain is great for relaxation and stress relief. I packed my chillum once two hours ago and I am still have a good head high going on. Would not recommend if you need to be focused or intensive gaming/activities. This could easily be used to help with insomnia as well as it leaves you relaxed and spacey. I didn't give this 5 stars because of the taste; it is does not have the best taste b...