Gandalf OG

Gandalf OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This was awesome!
Very good

Gandalf is a sneaky indica. Three songs into an outdoor concert it was time to get baked so I power up my vape. My excitement builds as the well packed oven heats up and produces scents reminiscent of walking into a dispensary stocked with top shelf ganja. I take 3 rips and exhale clouds of vapor the size of an Oklahoma twister into the air overhead. The smell was strong because I immediately got several head turns from my f...
Very good

Wow, Gandalf will fuck you up. Felt so relaxed and ready to sleep for like 2 years. Fell asleep in an armchair and still woke up feeling rested. Had this in a shatter and when it heated up it smelled like dandelions.
Very good

Great strain!!!! ordered some of this strain of my M.O.M site and I was pleasantly surprised for the 25 dollars for an 1/8th. I would say proceed with caution as this strain is a very heavy hitter and will set you back! at first I found the high to be heady like you have been hit in the face by a Mack truck then moved towards a very sedating couch lock type high. very nice dense buds that bust up nice in the grinder, with th...
Very good

This strain is rightly named "Gandalf" and yells, "You Shall Not Pass!" to insomnia. It also kicks the hell out of anxiety and physical pain. I'm already on my fourth eighth of it this month, and I will probably buy it until it runs out of stock. :)
Very good

I really like sedative strains. Can't say Gandalf is my favorite but I would get it again especially if I'm having trouble sleeping. Bud colors range from neon green to neon purple tight popcorn like with moderate amber trich. Very small and minimal orange hairs. Smells like berries and hash. Effects in mind are like a powerful old sleepy wizard. Smiles*... yawn*. From the very super smooth smoke that would make for a great ...
Very good

My upstairs neighbor is terribly loud. He always is walking and talking and singing, I can't really take it anymore. I picked and eight of Gandolf and goodnight. This is a great strain and if you too have awful upstairs neighbors then pick it up, it will help you catch some zzzzzz's
Very good

By far one of the smoothest strain without lacking in potency. Sticky as hell...your going to need a grinder..The flavors of aroma also matches the exhale, a big plus for me. Don't know about my coughee bros but I felt happy and focused. Another citrus pine flavored og for the books.

Totally Awsome. I love all the OG's, of which there are many. But this one comes with a almost super natural terpene profile. One could be forgiven when tasting it for the first time and almost being skeptical of how tasty it is. But it's a natural taste totally unique amongst connasuer hybrids. Also powerful. Like all OG should be.
Very good

Gandalf O.G. had me J.R.R.Tokin' Couch lock game on point. I felt like Frodo Baggins after Shelob impaled him. Straight up dead until sunrise. This is an excellent pain reliever too.