Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey Cannabis Strain

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Very good

loved this strain. heavy euphoria, yet definitely made me more talkative and social thsn others. Was perfect for both my depression, stress, and anxiety. greatly ups your appetite too... so be prepared with munchies lol
Very good

extreme giggles! absolutely in love with this strain. Gives me a chill attitude with a good amount of energy. I can't seem to shut up either. A lovely euphoric high.
Very good

Not your typical lazy couch locked indica. Oh no, this is a get up and have fun indica strain. Perfect for parties. I couldn't stop dancing even when there wasn't any music playing. If music did play, it sounded so good to my ears. I got so creative I could create my own songs inside my head while dancing to it. Also made me talkative. No anxiety. It also took away the severe pain of my right hip. Recommended for depress...
Very good

This has to be one nicest statins that I’ve ever tried. It has deep spicy flavours with a lovely grape undertone, leaves me licking my lips after every hit. Extremely potent, very relaxing and stress relieving. You beauty.
Very good

Holy Schmokes! what a giggly happy fun strain this is! smells and tastes really sweet and smells it too. has a lot of orange hairs and is very pretty. definitely one for the books.
Very good

earthy, dank and musky, no strain is better named. the effects are the same as a hug from a funky monkey. gregarious, outgoing, happy. it does not give you a raging appetite ut it does give you a thirst. i drank a litre of mango juice after 1 bowl and found myself up and running around the house, cleaning and cooking and any job i could lay my hand on. regular visits to the bowl over the next 6 hours did lead to a headache a...
Very good

Bought a gram of Funky Monkey and I am sorry I didn't purchase more. This is a very relaxing and mellow strain that provides good pain relief. Best used in the evening maybe a couple of hours before retiring since it is not immediately sedating. I love it for the pain and stress relief. An excellent strain :o)

Takes away pain and you will run around. Do not smoke right before bed. You will not go to sleep for awhile. Lol. Then, you will go to sleep. Don't smoke a super bowl. I got a rebound headache

I absolutely love this strain it's a uplifting happy feeling weed like I just hooked up wit my neighbor next door just bagged dat lml top five favorite
Very good

loved it! sticky icky!