Fruity Chronic Juice

Fruity Chronic Juice Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Called Punxsy Punch here in PA. Absolutely an amazing dab, however it was harsh. Definite couch lock and mood enhancement. Is great for pain, stress, and nausea too.
Very good

Last night, the power went out on our block. On a very hot night. So, my partner and I grabbed an eighth of Fruity Chronic, smoked a bunch, went to a park. I honestly didn't even feel all that high until we packed up into the car to drive home... 25 mph felt like 80! It was blowing my mind! And then I saw the beauty of Fruity Chronic... a nice, happy, calming strain that helps you feel good, does it's work in the background ...
Very good

I was gone for about 30 minutes after only a couple hits of it, extremely relaxing but had very dry eyes and mouth, as well as heavy legs
Very good

This is Punxy Punch (just renamed for MMJ in PA) Now the Punxy Punch 🥊 This Live Sugar is Terpy, and beautiful and tasty 😋 A tiny dab will do 😯 So Terpy smacks you in the face beware of terp coughs! 😆 Very Strong works awesome for anxiety and stress and mood elevation. Wonderful medicine that works right away. I feel so great after such a tiny dab”

Resenting picked up some of this from my local dispensary that I'm a trimmer for. This stuff is my new favorite strain. I personally prefer indicas for there relaxation. Not only does Fruity Chronic Juice relaxing it's a very happy relaxed... But that's just me. This strain is very very leafy as a raw cannabis bud but relatively easy to trim
Very good

FCJ relaxes the body and gives a nice, mellow heady high. It’s perfect for cooking dinner, doing laundry and relaxing at home in the evening. I fall asleep nicely with this strain too. And it’s perfect for playing Chess too.

This is top of the line , I tied down to increase yield quick harvest and great smoke!!!!!!!!! Grew it outdoors the actual profile pictures are mine
Very good

Amazing indica strain. It looks great very, coated with trichomes, taste and smell is sublet, very smooth. The high is amazing, very strong, very energetic and talkative at first then settles into a strong indica
Very good

The first time I tried this strain was towards the end of a long day not running on much sleep. It provided a full body high accompanied with with a euphoric calmness, yet somehow clearheadedness. It did not make me "couched" or pass out soon after, but instead a more comfortable where you are but willing to go somewhere feeling. I would highly recommend this as an end of a long smoke, or one before a movie or going for late...
Very good

Nice indica head and body high. Relaxing but clear headed but not sedating! Good watching movie 🎥 👍🏻