Fruit Punch

Fruit Punch Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Being fairly on the lightweight end, I prefer to smoke fairly "low grade" w33d because I don't like to feel too wavy (lol). It's easy to lightly puff along throughout the day too. This has been the most stimulating strain I have ever smoked. I felt alert and motivated--which is why I had to create an account to make this review. The name lives up to its flavor. The flower smells of sweet citrus and is almost slightly floral...
Very good

This is by far the best strain I’ve smoked personally, as it helps me to stay active when I need to and makes me very uplifted and happy. I really recommend it if you haven’t tried it:) 4/20.
Very good

Hell yes love it 🔥 helps me 100 %

I love the taste and the smell. I enjoy having constant energy. I suggest this strain for a night on the town, concerts or social gatherings.
Very good

This has became an everyday smoke for me. Truly keeps me focused, uplifted, and motivated. (TLDR BELOW) (In the correct dosage, too much and I'm too stoned n giggly to do anything) ive tried various other sativas in small doses to help me manage my day through working at a dealership and nothing has worked this well. Ive gotten a raise, compliments by my boss, and I'm always in a good mood now. Enough about my experience, (...
Very good

Just fucking took a couple fat dabs of this shit and I am so high I forgot I made a Leafly account while trying to make an account to write this comment I reset my password and now I’m back here writing this comment, highly recommend this strain it tastes so good
Very good

Very tasty strain, the fruity skinny smell alone was enough to earn my vote. Just enjoyed some flower and am relaxed, happy, and I feel social. Everything I want in a good sativa 💚
Very good

Fruit Punch is no joke when it comes to flavor. The first thing that will hit when you lay eyes on this bud is it's powerful fruity scent of various sweet aromas that, surprisingly enough, give off a scent similar to a fruit salad. The flavor carries on through every toke with potent flavors adding to a very smooth hit. What makes this strain so special is it's added Haze lineage. Like most Hazes, the high is a smooth cerebr...
Very good

the best sativa in the land. coming from a heavy indica smoker
Very good

Hands down my favorite oil cart (SpaceVape makes the best and purest oils BTW). It's my PED for work, play, life. Such a happy head space with zero compromise on energy and motivation.