Fruit Loops

Fruit Loops Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I really enjoyed this strain Loved the taste Didn’t make me anxious whatsoever Good daytime strain Could still be productive Only reason I rated 4 is because I’d prefer if it were a bit more potent
Very good

This was a great day-time high, perfect for outdoor activities, listening to music and grabbing a bite to eat. Didn’t feel tired or groggy after the initial upswing. Head and body high, but more cerebral than anything else.
Very good

Definitely one of my favorites! I haven't a sense of smell so, the effects on me are a bit different. Got entire body tingles, couldn't stop laughing and the munchies were ignorable.
Very good

Absolutely delightful; refreshing, fruity and very relaxing—good for calm, rest and creativity and works well with chronic pain. Love it.
Very good

This train is definitely good for stress. It helped my anxiety to where I could focus on explaining this app to a friend instead of being scatterbrained and all over the place thanks a lot love this app
Very good

i give this strain 5 stars mainly because of its aroma of actual fruits ans berries permiates throughout. However the smoke was a bit harsh and they indica effects were a 5 outta 10 for my personal taste. Huge dense nugs of bright green with amber hairs slight hints of Purple. Def an itch that has now been scratched, another one checked off the to-do list 😉
Very good

Flavor is spot on with the classic cereal! Very sweet and fruity, I wouldn't believe this came from blue dream if it wasn't for the strength or lack there of. Overall in my opinion a very nice flower to smoke. Very mello, smooth and sweet.
Very good

Good looking and tasting. Solid all around fix... may need a bit more than normal to feel the effects, then you realize it takes effect slower due to it's balance and now you are really baked. Very even balance of flowery goodness.

This strand is wonderful! With a fruity smell & a smooth inhale, this strand took me to euphoria & brought me back down to earth with a calm & relaxing landing.
Very good

Tastes very sweet coming out and feels very smooth going in! Love this strain, the smell is amazing and the high is amazing, would definitely recommend!