Frosty Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A lot of flavor to this strain I love the dense cookie smoke and heavy buds. It’s a head high but a good one we’re you can still function lol.
Very good

Glad I came across this strand. Some high quality stuff. And apparently you get just a head high. Burns smooth as hell. Definitely not some everyday stuff and has a distinct smoking experience in general. I wish I never ran out.
Very good

This strain, a dynamic strain. The smooth and extremely relaxing high was surprisingly euphoric. Very good for relaxing I hear. There’s just the softest kiss of a body high, but that’s real good for tense muscles I hear.
Very good

frosty kept my brain thinking a million thoughts at once. I felt slight panic and increased anxiety but it did come down after a little while. I then felt relaxed and calm
Very good

This is a really nice smoke. Very relaxing, very smooth and Bold but sweet taste, the aroma is also very bold. Definitely a bed time strain, as it made me pretty sleepy...
Very good

very stong hit with earthy tones
Very good

I had a different experience compared to other reviewers. I was couchlocked for about 3 hours. I probably could have moved after two hours but i was sooo relaxed, I didn't even want to get up to satisfy the munchies which weren't too bad. Relaxed, happy, laughing at a stupid tv program. It was a happy or content, high. Perfect "alone time" high.
Very good

great just like S.fields and w.widow -

head heavy high, made me very paranoid and felt like I could keep hearing lil things. very strange high but worth the try
Very good

Hits fast and hard. Very cerebral. Loved it. Kind of uppity to start. Mellows beautifully. Turns into a very relaxed vibe.