Frida Cannabis Strain

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Method: Select Vape Cartridge (2:1) Aroma: LaCroix-esque (very light) lemon, fruity smell. Not much else. 0.5/1 Stars. Taste: Stronger lemon/citrus but also stronger earthiness and dirt you get from CBD strains. Unrelated but be careful trying to vape on this for too long, quick to get burnt and at some point the burntness sticks. 0.5/1 Stars. Feel: A very great meditative high. You can lie in bed staring up at the ceilin...
Very good

This strain is the best ever. I deal with high anxiety and panic attacks and it does the job. It's also very high quality and comes from another famous strain that I've had called AC/DC. I fully disagree with the negatives saying anxiety because I can't smoke full strength strains high thc and this never makes me feel the same way. It's sister Gilda is also amazing

This is what I turn to as an athlete when I'm nursing a serious injury. Pain and the inability to sleep are the main reasons I seek out high CBD strains and concentrates, and Frida...she is the Queen. A lot of users might feel slightly high on this, but I honestly attribute that to the extreme relaxation that takes over your body about 5 minutes into your session. There isn't much of a cerebral feel to this, but your bod...
Very good

I. Love. Frida. This is an excellent Indica CBD, which for me. is always best for evening pain and insomnia. I felt tingly and warm after vaping some flower and it was amazing how my significant musculoskeletal pain really eased away with this, as did nerve and migraine pain on other occasions. I love high CBD strains and this is an excellent sample from Raven Grass. If you smoke this you will definitely feel the THC effects...
Very good

I was actually looking for ACDC when the budtender recommended this strain for me. Given the two strains are related, I figured it was worth a shot. It's described as meditative on here, and I think that's a perfect word to describe the feeling of this strain. I could never close my eyes and try to meditate while stoned, just too dizzying, but I still sorta feel like I'm in that same headspace when I'm high on this strain. ...
Very good

Frida by Raven Grass is an amazing high CBD low THC strains. Very relaxing and makes you feel an interesting soft sensation around the eyes, with no overwhelming psychoactive effects. I’d best describe it as the best cigarette you’ll ever have because the CBD makes you chilled out as fuck without being high. Great if you’re new to weed want to smoke with friends without getting uncomfortably high. My fiancé is a much lig...
Very good

I have become more interested in CBD strains lately and ive been obtaining them from Raven Grass. I first tried 'Gilda' and that felt like a nice warm blanket and provided comfort, really great for wanting to relax after a long day. I recently got 'Frida', also from Raven Grass, and I'd have to say this strain really provided me with some great relief to my psoriatic arthritis but I got the similar feeling of Gilda, but it ...
Very good

If you are looking for pain relief and don't want the high, this is the best I have found. I bought the concentrate -- and found it the best solution for pain and inflammation. Other strains had mixed results -- and I needed something without a high but with a strong CBD.
Very good

I honestly felt like i was in a desert at one point
Very good

I smoke this for crohns disease. This was the first time I have purchased this. I originally went into the store to purchase Alien Rock Candy but the lad advised me to try Frida due to its high CBD. I can assure people I got hit hard by the high even with a small amount. I usually smoke Sour Tsanami so not sure why that never gave me such a high. I will try again over time to see how it helps with my inflammation.