Freezeland Cannabis Strain

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Very good

A really pleasant indica. I don't feel quite as "baked" with this one as with something like Granddaddy Purp, but Freezeland stands out to me as a very focused and relaxing strain. This strain boosts focus and productivity, so it's awesome while doing work.
Very good

It melts your face off. Has a great taste, I wouldn’t know now though, my face is melting
Very good

sérieux,j'en est vraiment gouter de différent pousseux , la plus part c'est pas pire .Il a une seule fois ou j'ai vraiment été high et euphorique pensant 2 bonne longue heure , contrairement aux autre fois ou j'étais juste bien blazé . Il faudrais qu'un bon pousseux s'en occupe et le fasse pousser a la perfection .Juste pour le gout il en vaut la peine , gommant au boute . Svp rehausser la réputation du friesland svp.

I got 4g for 20 so not too bad.I did not know what to expect. I took at least 20 bong hits it got me high but not very. I rolled me and my gf a joint each to go to the movies. We did not get high at all. I would not recommend this strain to anyone.

cheap, flavourful, seedy ugly. horrific to smoke good for vape. takes a lot to get high
Very good

I just bought a 7g. It's a good strain. It litteraly smell like some oranges. Give you a nice smooth high. It's a kind of weed for someone who doesn't smoke a lot.
Very good

This strain is readily available at KW Dispensary here in Kitchener, Ontario. A fantastic deal at 49 dollars for a 7 grams with tax included! A strong strain that was tested in a lab to find that it contained 23.07% THC and 1% CBD. I highly recommend this strain for stress relief, pain relief, and insomnia.

Love this strain great for before work and before bed.
Very good

Absolutely great for casual highs and for beginners. Really pleasant effects, and really hard to green out on. The downsides are : this isin't a great strain to get really high on. Also, to get a decent high, if you are a little overweight or you are used to the effects of cannabis, you need to smoke a lot of this. I really recommend it if you can have a good price for it

Good weed for the price Bon weed pour le prix