Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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Just as it is advertised in it’s name, the taste and smell are super fruity. When I puff it, my mind wonders away on a tropical island. This strain puts you in the couch no doubt. For someone that suffers from chronic back pain and PTSD, this helps with both for sure.
Very good

This strain tastes absolutely amazing. It has an overwhelming passion fruit flavor.
Very good

I'm getting back into smoking again after a long hiatus as a means of getting away from drinking too much. I randomly dropped in at a dispensary in Studio City, and I asked for a not too potent indica that's good for relaxation. I got an eighth of CRU's Forbidden Fruit at about 16% THC. I have smoked AND vaped, and both have their benefits. When I've smoked it, I've gotten more of a body high with the slight tingle. The flav...

Smells like neem oil very strongly. Neem oil is a plant extract insecticide used to kill whiteflies on indoor grow ops. It smells like male body odor and intense grapefruit. I wouldn't give this away. It stank up the house and had to seal it in a jar. Bad strain.

If you have something to do or need to get done DONT SMOKE THIS!!! But if you’re just going to chill and play Xbox it’s perfect!

This is my go to strain for a rainy depressing day. It makes everything more enjoyable and definitely makes you relax. I would not smoke this strain and then go do something out of the house. This is a sit back watch a movie kind of strain. Taste so fruity and smells event fruitier. Definitely a top 3 strain for me.

the only way I'll have "Grapefruit"

top 3 weed I've ever had, no doubt. absolutely incredible

No taste, no buzz, waste of money