Flaming Cookies

Flaming Cookies Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I’m Solo Dolo Smoking Flaming Cookies Or? Is flaming cookie smoking me ? Yeah anyways flaming hit hard as hell Cookies Taste good oh I’m sleeping now
Very good

Bearing a slightly different name (Fire Cookies), this potent bud by Natural Fx hits hard. 25.9% THC and 0% CBD combine for a great high. Personally, I find this a great bud to take to the gym and pound out reps. It carries a nice, earthy smell without the skunkiness one would expect. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand. This one will make you thirstier than the orchid I keep forgetting to water. Oh, son of a b.
Very good

So what I smoked was called fire scouts. I believe it's the same strain as it has the same parents, but just a different name. I found this strain to be very balanced. You get the uplifting head high from a sativa but on tue back end the relaxation and pain relief from an indica. If your looking for a strain with an equal amount of sativa and indica effects this is what you want.
Very good

NUMBER ONE STUNNER!!! AH-AH-AH LOL. nah but real talk I've been a flower child 20 years now, NOTHING beats this strain. Went right to my head, almost a dizzy feeling like when you get up too fast. Euphoric, relaxing, happy fun times. If you can find it, IF you can handle it-do it!!!!!
Very good

I think Animal Cookies and Flaming Cookies come from the same strains but what's the difference other than the different names . Is it the growers ?

great for giving that nice relaxed feeling after a hard day and lifting spirits

Mmmm. Gets you high as a kite in a short amount of time, and lasts a while. Takes you down nice and gentle for a good night's sleep. Got an eighth of this but I don't know if it's gonna last long. Having a nice time and chilling and watching Parks and Rec.
Very good

Yummy!! Some of the best indi I've had ☺️

Wasn't a big fan of the taste of the top notes but the sweet after taste is nice. Nice body high, gets me feeling relaxed but in a good mood.

it made me extremely dizzy. I had not read the info on this strain. but after a couple days of feeling real dizzy, I thought I would investigate. sure enough, dizzy is on the negative effects.