Fire OG

Fire OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

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I gotta say not my favourite. It might be perfect for some people but it wasn't for me. I found it made it really hard to focus and and I was fairly dizzy which I have never experienced from cannabis before. Also the effects only lasted about an hour. That being said that was just my reaction to it and yours might be entirely different. I won't be buying it again but I can see where it would be helpful for some. The pain red...

Just Straight garbage, in my opinion sativas and hybrids should all be banned from earth. Can we focus on Indicas I like to get high. And basically if you can’t handle indicas, you should n be smoking, stop! All y’all Stop w the Sativas and Hybrids nonsense!
Very good

Really enjoy the smell. Gave a very subtle high at first and then bam, felt pretty motivated and thoughtful. The taste is not bad at all. My stress and any sliver of sad feelings were gone.

Didn’t do nothing to me at all
Very good

The strains name is quite appropriate. Even after one rip this stuff has me melted. Highly medicinal flower.
Very good

One of our most favorite strains. Wife describes it as "happy". I would describe it as "stoned". We vaped concentrate out of a Pax3. A good amount of head high, general body relaxation along with general laid back happiness. I hope to one day run across it again.
Very good

So high. Smells and tastes like coffee.

First review here so go easy on me .... smells super fruity and delicious ! Like berries or citrus . Probably the best scent I’ve ever smelled off a bud .Buds small and dense with lots of pretty amber hairs , tons of crystals . One toke had me choking . It didn’t really creep up on me , it was more of a steady transition . Immediate effects: first my mind started to feel more and more “dreamy” and the music I was listening ...
Very good

I've only been using 4 months and Fire OG is the best strain I've tried. I use for insomnia and this one hit me pretty good. I have a high tolerance to almost everything, but this one hit the right marks for me with what I wanted. I never liked weed growing up but am sick of pharmaceuticals and sleep aids. Feels like a better alternative. From what I wanted, it hit the right marks. 10/10.