Faygo Red Pop

Faygo Red Pop Cannabis Strain

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I kind of wanted to hate this strain and tried it solely for the name so you can imagine my surprise when it placed within my top 5 favorite strains. Our power had been out since 6am due to an ice storm so around maybe 3 or so, my wife and I decided to smoke this and play a board game while our pets snuggled around us for warmth. I don’t think we’ve had that much fun while in frozen agony in ages! We agreed this was an awe...
Very good

This strain tastes GREAT and is pretty strong. It is also pretty harsh and makes me feel anxious when I am not around other people. Four stars.

This strand made me feel like I was wrapped in the softest of blankets. I couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear with the emotions that you experience as a young child when you have fresh made cookies from your favorite grandma (because we all know group up you like one WAYYY more than the other). However all that being said you will have cotton mouth like no other. I mean like eat 6 saltine crackers and then try to whistle ...

Ok from start to finish. Had a little ting like pop taste in the smoke. Other then that it was a quick not really high but I'm cool like feel to it. Leaving you wanting to smoke again or something else.

whoop whoop MMFWCL also a verry great strain but just had to give a shoutout to the fam
Very good

I wanted something to celebrate the fourth with and I couldn't have found a better strain. What better way to celebrate the holiday with a strain that has local roots, local controversy and celebrates a legend. I loved Faygo red pop growing up so as soon as the strain popped up on a local dispensaries menu, I had to try. I wish there was a grape version to this. I don't know if it was my brain making it up but the taste all ...

zach is right on the nail! He did not create this! and it is still around only to a very small group of people
Very good

great strain too bad 710 savant didn't create it they got it from someone else then claimed as own at cannibis cup in Michigan
Very good

Amazing flavor. The name speaks for itself, and i don't think I've had anything taste so fruity. Right when you open the jar a pugent strawberry soda pop smell smacks you in the face, and the mello, euphoric high will keep you happy and pain free all day long. I'm extremely honored to have met Savant and get pretty much the last of this strain. For what I heard from him personally, he will not be growing the Faygo Red Pop an...
Very good

WiCkEd MoThErFuCkInG eLiXiR bRo :o) GoOd FoR bAkInG pIeS wIth HoNk