Extreme Cream

Extreme Cream Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Just picked up an 1/8th of this today and it’s already one of my favorite indicas. The smell is definitely reminiscent of cream, but it’s also fruity and earthy. The THC clocks in at 28.6% and the buds are rounded; orange hairs and loads of crystals. I struggle with chronic insomnia and I’m always looking for a good indica that can help put me out, i can see this strain helping down the road. 5/5 XTREME

Indicol X 21.98 5022
Very good

A good strain truly balanced on the cookies and cream and the extreme og fuely tones at the end creamy at the start. Almost a nutty flavor smooth smoke and a heavy body high very relaxing and a good nighttime smoke, enjoy
Very good

I got this strain as live resin and WOW is that some tasty stuff man. I have a pinched nerve in my neck right now so im stuck with my head down but its helping me relax and not think about it too much. Think its time to hit the sack. Lol i think it hit me half ways through this review
Very good

Smells loud as hell and smokes even louder. Relaxing but not too sedating. Tastes sweet and pungant and very calming. Slight dizzy/headache when use too much.
Very good

This is awesomeness. It did everything it's suppose to do. It made us relaxed, talkative, hungry, sleepy, happy... no pain in back. It made the pain tolerable. Our imaginations flowed with thoughts & creative idea's wow! It lasted a few hours. Definitely would recommend a few puffs is all you need! Enjoy! :)

Will put yo’ ass to sleep!
Very good

Helps with my pain. Relaxs me. Will purchase again
Very good

I wasn't sure what to expect from this strain. I purchased it for it's medical rating on Pain. It's a 70/30, which isn't too strong for me, for what I need for sleep. It certainly crushed my chronic back pain, which was at 10 on the pain scale. I will certainly have this on hand, for day time relaxing, and when the pain spikes. There could of been other factors, as why I wasn't too sleepy, and too high from it. Awesome all a...
Very good

Tastes like buttered cookies, definitely one of my favorite strains.