Everlast Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I just picked up an eighth of this tonight, and just finished a bowl...I always read up on the strains before I smoke..well not this time...and man I should have...I would have to say, being more of an Indica fan, out of the four strains I have at the moment, which are all really good as well(Bubba Kush, GSC, Yoda OG, and Everlast..of course) this is definitely the most potent and the most beautiful body high of the bunch!.....
Very good

This strain will kill any headache or boy ache and put you right to sleep😴. My favorite strain of kush
Very good

I feel super content with myself, confident and happy yet very mellow and focused. Love the smell and aftertaste! No munchies which I love but it does for others . 10/10
Very good

TOMS HEMP & CANNABIS..his own strain very potent heavy indicia dominant strain. one of many great strains from this grower. make sure to ask your local retailer for the American lot lead....

Very good strain for day to day smoking, but simulates munchies like there's no tomorrow. I recommend this for appetite simulation and an overall good feeling mentally.
Very good

Really good stuff, had me blazed off just a couple tokes. Highly recommended for use in the bedroom
Very good

This is a nice strain that is good for stress, body pains and aches, and has long lasting effects. Very happy with this strain.
Very good

Very nice body high. Love the taste. Definitely use before bed. It will have you couch locked.

I prefer indicas - heavy strong ones. And I'm happy to say this strain doesn't disappoint. Heavy body weight, too many tokes and you won't get off the couch!
Very good

tried a pre-roll of this strain and it is very nice! definitely a night time smoke (couch lock will definitely happen). Pretty heavy body high and you feel it within minutes and lasted a few hours. Perfect for a lazy movie/gaming night, or cooling out and listening to some good tunes. this is a strain that myself personally could only smoke alone though as it made me a bit paranoid. would and probably will purchase again.