Erez Cannabis Strain

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This got me a little dazed and confused. It's very heady and can give you a 'frozen arms' syndrome, making it hard to type. It's not necessarilly interstellar but it's up there. The one I bought was 20% THC.
Very good

Love any strain from Tikun Olam but Erez is my favorite! If you love a strong Indica this is it! especially if you need to medicate to sleep.

Give it ten minutes and you'll get a body relaxation with very little heady stuff, but it does make you off balance.....

This is the second strain by Tikun Olam that did absolutely nothing. Try a gram don't buy a lot. Your paying for dirt and packaging.
Very good

I think this strains legit. Just tried it for the first time and I felt the calming effects instantly. Kind of reminded me of kosher kush the way to makes you feel at ease. Great if your really trying to relax. I can see how it might be better at night. I'd recommend to anyone especially if you prefer indicas

I am a severe PTSD sufferer. I had high hopes for this strain as it was advertised as a new incoming. I grabbed it the first day and have been experimenting with it for a week on and off. I really don't have much to say. I don't think it's a unique strain for me, it does not stand out. I didn't notice a hard hit or even a good feel, just blaze. Now, Tikun's Sativa strains are out of this world!
Very good

Ongoing health issues have presented problems with sleeping. Have been using a couple days and have found this strain to be very helpful thus far!!
Very good

Erez is one of the strongest Israeli strains on the market. It smells similar to the old style bubble gum from Amsterdam. Buds are big and fluffy, a fair amount of dry leaves hide fruity sweet nugs of orange goodness. Light green, indica dominant yet doesn't seat you on your ass. After grinding, the result is green/white, from all the crystals in the bud. It's nighttime yet good for day use in moderation. Highly recommended!...

one of the best Israeli strains straight out of Tikun Olam, they are simply pioneers !!!
Very good

awesome. it's a light smoke but really heavy hitting buzz