Eran Almog

Eran Almog Cannabis Strain

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Very uplifting and relaxing. Made me very insightful
Very good

So here comes some TMI, but I feel that for medical purposes its important I say it. I have awful periods to the point where I am extremely anemic. To put the cherry on top of this situation I take birth control pills that make me vomit. This strain when I smoke it completely stops my nausea and for some reason gives me resilience toward my anemia (I literally don't feel anemic anymore..until it wears off 6-10hrs). One minut...

Having had the pleasure of watching this strain grow, I have learned a tremendous amount about Eran Almog. It has educated and truly refined my understanding of medicinally engineered (or very specifically selected and bred) cannabis vs. strains tailored for recreational use. No question that this strain indeed hits all the right notes for insomnia, inflammation, and particularly pain related ailments- and no doubt it may ev...
Very good

This is a very mellow and dissocative type of strain. I like to tune in on this one after the work day. Great for doing it but I think a little bit of sleep after doing it is in order with this strain.
Very good

Although this bud was kinda overly dry, bought at Canopi in Vegas . It had a great taste , and did the job at helping me fall asleep 😴 and sleep soundly for several hours . I would like to try a fresh batch 😄
Very good

As a Veteran suffering from PTSD, I highly recommend this strain. It is an exceptionally good strain for depression/anxiety, as well helping with sleep. It doesn't fog brain as much as others yet I feel happy and relaxed. I have tried many different strains over the past few years, and this one has become my daily standard. Amazingly good.
Very good

Pain… SNAP anxiety...SNAP 27%THC This is the best Medical strain EVER! I would also recommend for those who have been enjoying cannabis for a while and need that extra kick in your butt! Go slow and enjoy🙏

Eran Almog is an amazing medicine for those troubled by sleeping or neurological disorders, inter-muscular pain and for those who desire a high degree of mental clarity while deeply relaxed. There is good reason to celebrate this strain and to maintain the integrity of its genetics that are unlike any other Indica offering I have tried over four decades. Thank you for getting it right Medreleaf!

was not impressed with this strain. it is not better then the other death Bubba or white rhino but costs so much from the LP. 5 grams after delivery and taxes is over 100$. it is mediocre unfortunately.
Very good

Love it! Love it! Love it! I have fibromyalgia and Sjögren's syndrome, which means I'm always in a lot of pain basically. This strain made me forget about the pains and took me to a great euphoric cloud!