Emerald OG

Emerald OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Super dense buds made breaking it up by hand difficult. Light green on the outside with some faint purple also on the inside. Buds had 18% THC & super fine crystal trichomes. Taste & smell was a sweet earthy floral citrus. Results were happiness, relaxation, & sleepiness. Best for after your days work until you go to sleep. Good Night...
Very good

Top strain for my anxiety and to just relax, ease my mind, Creating a force field of powerful goodness around me.

Holy smokes! This emerald gem put me in a perfectly euphoric state for 3 hours. My very favorite. From taste to smell to looks...I love this strain more and more each time I smoke it. My only complaint is no one ever seems to grow enough to sell in larger quantities than a gram. I'd pay above top dollar for an ounce of this!
Very good

First and foremost, Emerald OG smells like heaven. When I first got a hold of this strain I was floored with the smell. The first thing you'll notice is the citrus that, at least for me, was the dominant scent emanating from this strain. The earthy undertones really give this a sweet and aromatic flavor. Indicas are my personal favorite ways to medicate for my own depression/anxiety. The bud itself is absolutely beautiful wi...
Very good

Got some shatter from the emerald cup. Very smooth and consistent vape. Easy cleans off the dab tool. Relaxed and calm.

OH MY!!! Only bought a gram and wish I would've gotten an ounce. Best I've had in a minute!

I'm very finicky to cannabis and this was very light for me even. It was a body high for sure, had waves of heaviness and then they'd subside. Nothing cerebral for me. Not too pleased though with all of the hype that was surrounding it so that's why I gave it a 3 out of 5. The dispensary I went to said it was top shelf and to me it was just a normal little body buzz. If you are after just a nice, very chill body high with no...
Very good

Emerald Diesel x Fire OG Much appreciated Indica affects - ideal for sleep aid, I'd suggest for headaches or body pain also. Quite relaxing and even euphoric.
Very good

This has become my favorite strain by far. It hits me quick relaxes me fast. I'm someone who moves a lot when I sleep and this strain knocks me out and I need that. Good stuff!
Very good

If you want to obliterate your superego and ego and explore your id and all the suppressed emotions then this is gonna get you there. I used my vapor bong attachment with my Kvape on 420F and took a few really good hits. Only negative was I could not stay awake to watch 'Live by Night' which I guess was not that good anyway. I recommend this strain for sleep, pain, and introspection.