Electric Black Mamba

Electric Black Mamba Cannabis Strain

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What is Electric Black Mamba

Electric Black Mamba, whose parents are Purple Diesel and Black Domina, is a 70% indica dominant strain. Treating chronic pain or insomnia is perfect for this high concentration of myrcene strain which may find you stuck on the couch. The buds on this plant are forest green and give a delicious sweet blackberry skunky aroma. This plant needs a knowledgeable grower to give it constant attention. Electric Black Mamba is a strain that does not like to be overfed.

Electric Black Mamba Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Sleepy (80%)
Uplifted (80%)
Creative (40%)
Euphoric (40%)
Sweet (100%)
Pine (50%)
Berry (50%)
Tree Fruit (50%)
Flowery (50%)
Dry Eyes (100%)

Electric Black Mamba Flavors

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