El Jefe

El Jefe Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is one of my favourite strains. No paranoia, helps with the pain. Perfect relaxation
Very good

Very satisfying. The effects lasted longer than most other strains. ++
Very good

Potent as fuck. Patient with a high tolerance and I used this in the morning as a wake and bake and it put me back in bed after 4 bowls. Dark green bud with hues of purple and sooo sticky. The buzz is oustanding 6/5 would smoke.
Very good

Wow , so amazing. Mixed with the master yoda . One of my top 10 mixes of all time . The high is amazing and the come down last 4+ hrs

El Jefe an 50/50 Shatter that was picked up for me by my Newest Medical Angel when she was on a trip to Ottawa last weekend. This is a long lasting greatly appreciated gift. Anyone who craves a good sativa indica blend should run out and grab some of this wicked sticky !

This is one of those OGs that truly stand out.... Wonderful blend of sandalwood and lemon notes with a very pungent, piney smell that fill your whole mouth. The high starts strong but still builds over time so its better saved for later at night. Theres a very cool cerebral aspect to the mostly soothing body stone. will remember this one
Very good

Extremely Underrated. Amazing taste and it's SUPER STRONG. I'd say it is one of the strongest weeds I've had the pleasure of smoking. Buds are completely loaded with crystal and beyond sticky. There are blackish hints throughout the bud, very exotic looking. The scent is crazy but I find it hard to describe. Hints of lemon/citrus, kinda sweet but very earthy/pungent. It's super complex. The taste is just as unique; very lem...
Very good

I just laid here for a bit loving everything. And I am a miserable bastard most of the time, so that says a lot. I could put on some tunes and chill for a while. A bit of a creeper. Pretty thorough body stone. I feel very relaxed. Not much dry mouth. Pungent, dank smell. Sticky. A new favourite.
Very good

Beautiful flavour and aroma.A nice indica dominant blend that doesn't knock you out right away. Great stress relieving blend with Beautiful looking buds. I Had to leave a review for this one after trying it. Hopefully there is more left next time I go back to the dispensary.
Very good

10/10. Tripped the eff out. Listen to some tunes & zone out. Very chill.