El Chapo OG

El Chapo OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain made sure I didn’t leave the couch. Put me right to sleep. Great earthy citrus flavor, and strong-but-not-too-strong body high. Definitely recommend before bed.
Very good

I've had a few diff Chapo's from many different growers, but I've never really appreciated it til I took the gene into my own hands. Growing this strain was a little tricky but sucha beautiful outcome. Really! No bullshit! I'll be posting pics as well soon. Also, keep watch out for the new strains I have coming ur way. Look for my smoke signals yh! 💯☝🏾💚
Very good

Pretty good for sleeping aid. Wouldn’t use if you have anything important to do! 😂

Premium strain great flavor and easy to smoke
Very good

Really nice relaxing high. I differ from the other commenters because I found this to be a little bit of a creeper. It has a really nice body high also. I feel completely relaxed but not spacey. Literally feels like being in a warm bath lol
Very good

Carefree relaxation. Sleepy. GOOD FOR MUSCLE SPASMS
Very good

Very relaxing strain. Helps focus and gain interest in boring shit. Very good strain. Also tastes both gassy and fruity at the same time. High recommendation.
Very good

It's a Knock Out El Chapo is a hard hitting indica inducing relaxed restful sleepiness making this a great night time strain and for relaxing from stress or anxiety.
Very good

One of the best bedtime smokes. Perfect to kick back with the homies or go to sleep. Amazing bud with a GOAT name.
Very good

I’m smoking a blunt of this el chapo.. it’s so potent and I could barely get a good hit without choking my head off... it has a strong diesel taste to me almost fuel like 🤤 I definitely don’t recommend it for any daytime activity, it’s best for relaxing and winding down the day.. helped tremendously for my leg spasms. I ‘highly ‘ recommend this strain for anyone with insomnia, anxiety, and pain.