Edelweiss Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This strain is my 2nd favorite Indica strain. The high is a little slow coming on, but when it does it's awesome. Very mellow.
Very good

Amazing strain with a sublime lemony pine scent. One of the most delicious strains I have ever smoked. Immediate effect was a sense of happiness, relaxation and well being. My anxiety melted right away. I’ve never felt so giggly and happy with a strain. The taste after a fresh hit is incredible. The come down is mellow. Woke up very clear headed the next morning, zero grogginess. I am kicking myself bc I didn’t buy more and ...
Very good

Really great for relaxing. Don't need much to get to a good high.
Very good

love this strain!! never smoked anything like it... if you smoke just enough you can run laps around the world with no pain, smoke too much and to the couch you go
Very good

Great strain, better for nighttime but wow, amazing and long body high, excellent for indica lovers!

Extreme chill, buzzy but not that heavy. This one is a heady strain with a bit of strong body stoned. The best for muscle relaxation after a hard day. Almost hash like mellow relaxation.

Smells really nice, like ice tea actually. The taste is sweet too. Smoked half a spliff and already got the eyes hanging, indica how I like it!

Very strong and relaxin after a hard day!

Reminds me of the k2 strain(also contains hindu kush). Very heavy powerfull body stoned. Stoned in the sense of feeling like a real stone like a rock. Very clear in the head . I would do this strain while sitting on my cough and taking care of bussines. This one is will make you feel powerfull, energetic, clear and relaxed. The skunk kind of ruins it though by giving it a bit of a trippy/spacy head vibe . I rather enjoy ...
Very good

Very good tasting, love the high while at home just become a potato