Dynamite Cannabis Strain

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Very good

HOLY JESUS, the constant high hits you for 3 hours easily and the whole time an uncontrollable laugh and euphoria swept me and my friends minds. I reccomend this if you are feeling sluggish or just wanna get wrecked.
Very good

Amazing strain. Although the taste is subtle, it is very tasty, fruity and citrus. Effects start with a gentle but invigorating uplift cerebral spark. Mood improves and makes you feel very positive. After that, your body will melt easing all pain away. The only reason i rate with 4 stars it's because the appetite increase and dry eyes are quite pronounced, meaning that if you have stuff to do it, those 2 effects might interf...
Very good

Smell: clean & piney with hints of berry. No skunky smell whatsoever Really nice relaxing high in the right doses. Starts in the head, but not too powerful and slowly works its way down. Tingly skin & relaxed muscles. Sleepy. A+++++
Very good

* 1st review , dynamite is what made me want to review here. I tried many , but always come back . the combo of dyno and the fact it smells hashy and sweet, makes this easy. the effects are primo, and a good hybrid that leaves my energy still there, but relaxed and happy. the sight of the conical buds and deep green and loads of brown hairs is enough to get me .

DYNAMIIIITE yea this bud will be found on me most of the time, haha living in den haag the selection is wide but Dynamite is just a strain im in love with and always going too for that Quick hit Of Euphoria and body relaxation and its a great Mood Enhancer too, just love smoking this right in the mornings...I picked up hybrids at Coffeeshop Jansen the buds are frosty with occasional purple leaves with grape and fruit flavou...
Very good

just got a couple ozs of Dynamite aka Grapefruit F4 . it stays true to the BC Grapefruit, smell is a fruity-grapefruit candy smell and the taste is similar with an earthy spicy twist. the high is not gonna be over powering to heavy smokers, nice calm indica that would be good for daytime. for people with less tolerance i could see this couchlocking them. the strain is above average in all aspects but not potent or unique eno...
Very good

Find a couch. Great for relaxing and maybe watching a movie. Starts with a nice head high and becomes a soothing body high you won't want to pass up. Like being wrapped in a heated comforter. Then you get very sleepy at the end. Took this, went to bed at a good time, and woke up refreshed. Great for a Sunday evening when you'll have to get up and go Monday morning. Flavor is great too, like a floral grapefruit tea. If you l...
Very good

Very sweet and simple strain. I felt an immense euphoria all throughout my body while keeping my mind peaceful. I suggest it for anyone, because the soothing sensation is so relieving, you don't even feel high!
Very good

My first time growing this strain. Only grew one plant, which grew to about 1 ft tall. The buds are HUGE and heavy as shit. Weighed 7.5 oz wet, still waiting for it to dry. But dam 7.5 oz from a 1 ft plant, I'm definitely growing this strain again.
Very good

Always a great strain. Tight, sticky buds. Relaxing high.