Dutch Hawaiian

Dutch Hawaiian Cannabis Strain

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Very good

My new favorite strain. Very uplifting and gives off an energetic feeling but not jittery at all. No couch lock, this is a very productive and creative strain. This is a must try!

Burns super slow, It slowly hits you. Great Sativa
Very good

Such a treat! Has a fantastic smooth tropical taste to it. I good day time smoke..making it super easy to stay productive. I find it a great one for cramps as well for all you ladies looking for something to help around that time of month too :)
Very good

Very sweet aroma on these buds from Cannabis King Gardens. Fairly gentle sativa. Not overly energetic or cerebral; it was perfect to mix with some indica hybrid flower for a good daytime buzz.
Very good

This is a very good bud for the end of the day , it doesn’t put you right to sleep but it definitely take the edge off the rest of the day. It’s uplifting and relaxing at the same time I seem to giggle a lot good netflix and chill bud 🤘
Very good

Good taste nice smell I love when I can just smell the fruitiness right off the bat when I open up the bag or just from the packages I love this weed a lot smoked it only a few times and it’s still one good ass sativa

Not bad for creativity but a little too sedating.

I love the smell of this one; it has a strong lime/ citrus scent. Mellowing effects.
Very good

very good, strong sativa that doesn't make me anxious
Very good

First vape was smooth with a pleasant piney flavour followed by a slowly increasing head buzz slowly flowing into the body. My ambition to mow the lawn was quickly superseded by the call of my Xbox which was short lived as mild anxiety crept its way in which luckily was also short lived. Ultimately Netflix and a bath is where I was truly happiness, and here I sit while my unkempt lawn continues to grow.