Durga Mata

Durga Mata Cannabis Strain

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I really wanted to like this. I am the type who looks for a cooling body stone. I suffer from chronic nerve pain due to a herniated disc disorder. I was really looking forward to a nice relaxing effect. But sadly it did not provide any relief for me. Just severe dry mouth. Marijuana has been my only source of pain relief for years as conventional meds make me sick. I will have to move on to something else.
Very good

Durga Mata is a new indica strain for me and honestly its it’s up there with some of my favorite indica strains. The buds were tightly compact and filled with crystals. Tough to put a finger on the flavor other than maybe earthy and extremely potent. Be sure to have a glass of water ready as the cotton mouth is definitely a factor. Smokes well and has a good balanced body high. Enjoy!
Very good

Excellent Strain for relaxation, stress and it cranks my appetite up 80%.

Very good

Love the durga! What a nice mellow high! Also let's you function and you're able to do tasks and concentrate! Don't smoke too much though, then you'll end up on the couch. I love this strain

Awesome, smells like perfume, and gives a relaxing feeling, without the cough effect, great for outdoor grow, very resistent to bugs
Very good

The happiness level on this strand needs to definitely be higher!! I was ecstatic while on this man!! 😁🙌🏾
Very good

Best bud I've smoked for pain relief and stress. Very strong indica.
Very good

nice tight dense with a lot of mostly cloudy trichs. high comes on fast and powerful. with a mentholy mint taste on the inhale and a turpentine-jet fuel taste/smell on the exhale leaves a menthol taste on ur tongue. very interesting terpene profile. body pain seems to disappear and painful tingly nerve pain is forgotten. happy and talkative but a bit slow and sleepy. fun for gamers.

100% Indica RARE HIGH CBDs!!