Durban Poison

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain

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DP is tied with ATF for my favorite sativa. It’s an extremely euphoric, clear headed high that actually feels more like a mild stimulant at the correct dose, especially when combined with coffee. Perfect for a daytime smoke or wake and bake without any lethargy or mental fog
Very good

One of my favorite sativa's. Eliminates my fatigue and keeps me productive. I'm a veteran consumer and this stuff does the trick to get me up and moving. It dulls severe pain slowly, leaving it at a tolerable level. Moderate or acute pain is wiped out, replaced by energy.

The best quality stuff ever perfect strains both indica and sativia kik i.d maxiie45
Very good

So far my favorite rain ever! Gives me so much energy and puts me in a really positive head space. Really great bud for wakings and bake and yoga, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, yard work or going on a hike:)

Meh... Just didn't do it for me... Not a fan of this strain at all... There are much better Sativa strains out there.. Then again i'm not a big Sativa guy but this one was truly a disappointment... I didn't much at all from this...
Very good

helps me stay productive during the day. my go to strain.
Very good

My fave sativa. Makes me feel like I'm in a Musical and all my chores are numbers in the Musical.

Amazing! 2 hits & 15 minutes later I felt an incredible body buzz. This will be my go to Sativa as long as I can find it.
Very good

Great Euphoric High. 1st Time Trying This Strain & I’m A Sativa Lover. I just want to get up and dance :), Makes music sound soo vivid !!
Very good