Durban Poison

Durban Poison Cannabis Strain


What is Durban Poison

Hailing from Durban, South Africa, this strain is renown for its purity. Popular across the globe for its syrupy smell and dynamic, lively effects. Durban Poison is a good strain to use for concentrates as it has jumbo-sized resin glands. Its buds are big and spherical, with a trichome coating across the whole plant. Durban Poison is the strain of choice for a busy day, whether being active outdoors or indoors, it will help you stay efficient and bustling all day long.

Durban Poison can also be a strong social lubricant, helping smokers to feel chatty and more at ease. Any medical benefits are more mental than physical -- this strain can confer a sense of mindfulness to help those perpetually distracted by depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also help those with attention deficit disorders maintain a deep, intense focus.

Durban Poison Effect And Attributes

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Energetic (100%)
Uplifted (99%)
Happy (89%)
Euphoric (80%)
Focused (76%)
Earthy (100%)
Sweet (75%)
Pine (71%)
Pungent (42%)
Woody (40%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (51%)
Anxious (25%)
Paranoid (25%)
Dizzy (22%)

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