Durban Cheese

Durban Cheese Cannabis Strain

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Where do I even start... This strain has provided me with the most powerful and effective pain relief of almost any strain I've ever used. It was not what I was expecting yet it was everything I wanted, needed and more... After one puff I had approximately 25% reduction in migraine... Halfway through the joint I felt almost brand new again after two full days of struggling with this awful headache. If you can get your hands ...
Very good

Let me tell you. Boy oh boy is this some good stuff.gives you a great head high, with the tingly body high that you love. Highly recommended.
Very good

I’m a heavy smoker and I use Durban Cheese for my morning wake and bake or a mid day pick me up. It doesn’t hit me heavy like some other hybrid strains. True to its name which pays homage to its lineage. You get the relaxing effects of the Cheese with the euphoria of the Durban Poison. I prefer each plant by themselves, but Durban Cheese is good for cooking or folding laundry.

This bud is light green and airy in appearance. Has a really nice lemon citrus smell with an undertone if smokey cheese. Flowers are sparse in growing structure, giving it a soft feel to the touch and a nondusty crumble. Smoked in a bowl, Durban Cheese has a pleasant earthy taste with a natural lemon finish. Don’t expect to get big high unless it’s your wake and bake option. Ideal for cleaning laundry, walking the dog and co...
Very good

For me, this strain is more of a strictly medical and not so much enjoyment strain. I have smoked this several times when I was just trying to chill and enjoy the day and it didn't really blow my mind. It didn't calm me down and wasn't ridiculously uplifting so I looked at it as a waste. HOWEVER. Now that I'm laid up in bed, my uterus is waging war on my body (consider yourselves lucky men), I'm nauseous and feeling like...

Very hard to find, even in Durban. excellent body high with a relaxing come-down
Very good

It's fantastic!! Very rare to locate, if you can get it don't wait to purchase! Fantastic proof of how it works as well as pharmaceutical meds!
Very good

Never heard of Durban Cheese prior to today. I'm a hybrid fan and advocate and this hybrid strain is beautiful. The buds are compact while still soft to touch and upon cutting them up, they release into soft and subtly sticky grounds. The pull from my bong's bowl was even and enjoyable and the taste was true to the Leafly description - Lemon and blue cheese, with what I'll add as earthy undertones. The high is stimulating, w...
Very good

It's been a while since I have actually smoked Durban Cheese, but I had good experiences with it. It wasn't the most potent (or at least the buds I had), but it definitely didn't feel like it was lacking either.
Very good

makes your head fly while your body relaxes. keeps you awake and alert