Dream Berry

Dream Berry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Low key. Chilled out. Sweet and tangy.
Very good

I like to smoke just a couple hours before going to bed. It's name really fits. I sleep well and have pleasant dreams and awake feeling fully refreshed and ready for another day. Being a relative light weight, I only need a couple of hits.
Very good

Just got some dream berry concentrate by fume factory, very fruity diesel taste, only took a little one and feel extremely relaxed. Great for after a long day or before bed.
Very good

Very good high and pain control
Very good

By far the best I've had in a while. I sometimes get anxious after smoking high stavia strains and found the indica strains work best for my anxiety and stress. I like that Dream Berry relaxes me but I can still function around the house in a nice, euphoric calm without my brain stressing about stupid stuff. It tastes great too. I'll buy this one again for sure but will continue to try other indica stains as I'm only startin...
Very good

very powerful indica
Very good

Excellent strain instant high that creeps up on sweet scent and taste that burns your chest when your toking. This strain had me hearing voices and made me take two naps in day
Very good

Not my favorite, as it made me a bit dizzy, which I haven't experienced before. Relaxing. Full body effect. I recommend for night time pain relief.
Very good

Awesome strain. Made me very relaxed and happy. Smelled like berry's to me. loved it
Very good

Really puts you on your ass. I always end up crashing hard after and falling asleep. Creeps up on you but it's also quite an instant high. Classic "I'm stoned" feel. Would deff recommend.