Donegal Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Amazing Sativa dominate hydrid, very potent and my first recreational cannabis product. Bought from Tweed/Canopy Growth in Winnipeg. Labeled at 3.5 grams, 22% THC. Weighed it out once I got home and it weighed in at 3.3 grams. Not a huge deal but feels bad considering the $40 price tag. Smells great and has dense sticky buds. Don't grind too much or you'll jam your grinder up. One of few Sativas that helps relieve most of my...

Not a fan of this... it's bland with very little effects. Apparently this is a strain that you either love or hate. If you are looking to get a heavy buzz, you won't find it here.
Very good

Amazing terpenes that defy you to pick what they are. Fuelie and a little alien. The effect is hard hitting head punch that fades to general relaxation and minimal burnout.
Very good

Donegal is exactly what I want in a high! I tried it for the name, and am happy I did! Upon open the jar, I was surprised at how citrusy it was. The diesel mixes nicely with it, and it's very pleasant. It is a great sativa dominant hybrid that gives you the perfect amount of energy for your day. It is a great head high, with a nice, mellow tingle through the body. The energy it gives mutes my anxiety and will be perfect for ...
Very good

Donegal has very small light green buds that look like they could come from the shores of Ireland. This is definitely a Sativa leaning hybrid and would I only use in the daytime. I got a good hit of an uplifting euphoria that lasted a good while and started getting very chatty in short order. I believe this would be great for party. After a couple of hours I became very relaxed in both mind and body. The smell is pungent ...
Very good

Great flavor, followed by a wonderful buzz. A good strain for getting things done, without wanting to sink into couch.
Very good

Euphoric and somewhat stimulating. This would be a great strain to break out at social events. Might be good for moderate pain management. Doesn’t give me much of the munchies. My one gripe with this strain is the lack of mental focus I’m feeling from it. I look forward to using it before I go to the gym, however. Smell is beautiful and on the heavier side. Smokes okay. Tastes good. Overall one of the better strains I’ve ha...
Very good

Very up. Excellent bright high. I tried Tweed's 3.5 gram cannister. There was a good skunk smell and THC crystals that were not sticky and rolled and smoked well. It had been in the cannister for about eight weeks. This was better than Sour Diesel in Denver.

May have been less disappointed if this was recommended to me for sleep 😂 Me and a couple friends tried this which ended with us all napping hah Wasn’t a huge fan of the taste but it did get us high, however, was not properly informed during purchase

Picked this up on 1017, as it was the only Sativa they had in stock, but was surprised with the great energetic vibe that doesn't overwhelm. Awesome fruity after taste from vaping. Would recommend.