Domino Cannabis Strain

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Very good

You'll sleep great on this one. Knocks you the #@$% out.
Very good

Nice indica for dealing with my bipolar disorder, got a really nice but not heavy sedative effect from it. And was fast acting when I was really upset!! Felt functunal but was a little on the lazy side. Affects could be felt for over 2 hrs, and I have a high tolerance! People with COPD should heed caution!! This caused me to have breathing issues imediately after each dosing. But everyone else will be pleased with it.

I'm pretty sure this is what I buy off my mom kinda often, so it's what I'm used to. And I love it, let's me get work done, giggle with friends, and not leave me too incoherent.
Very good

I tried the Domino OG and found it to have great long-lasting effects. Half a J split between two lasted us a good 6-8 hours, and we posses a bit of a high tolerance. Mellow buzz without getting stuck, and it lets you down nice and easy. The taste was a bit sweet and the draw was not harsh at all. It helped with my sleep more than it did with my lower back pain. I would definitely try this great strain again.
Very good

Great body and mind effect; intensified sensations as well as pain.

Harsh Smoke.