Domino Cannabis Strain

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What is Domino

Domino's background is not known although there may be some truth in the roots being from BC. Green and purple looking leaves with buds that have a heavy dirt odour is a good choice for treating PTSD, depression and anxiety. Heavy spacey effects will be felt and important mental tasks will not get accomplished. However physical effects will perhaps make this a choice that is not suitable for social gatherings. The sedative feelings are best felt at home.  This indica-dominant strain has THC level between 12 to 15%. Flowering time of this strain is about 50 to 70 days.  

Domino Effect And Attributes

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Happy (100%)
Sleepy (100%)
Tingly (100%)
Uplifted (100%)
Euphoric (67%)
No data
Dry Eyes (100%)
Headache (67%)
Dry Mouth (33%)

Domino Flavors

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