DJ Short Blueberry

DJ Short Blueberry Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Wow, this strain is incredible! Quite literally, the 1st indica I have ever loved. If you are more of a sativa/hybrid fan, this is a great indica strain to try. First of all, the flavor is Ah-mazing...I felt like I was smoking a blueberry muffin. Secondly, it is VERY potent...I am a fairly heavy smoker, and I only needed 2-3 puffs of this to become nicely baked...just the perfect amount. Which kind of offsets the higher pr...
Very good

This is a very fun strain that drifts you off into sleep as you giggle away. Everything yes.
Very good

this strain is truly on point. it is a great great med strain. my brother grow 3 plants of the strain and it doesn't disapoint. it does come at you very well with each hit. I broke it down to an Irish butter and it came out awesome. great feeling for about 5 hrs a table spoon. I love my DSB!!!!
Very good

Great day time strain! I tried this both vaporized and smoked. Stress and anxiety reliever. Clear thinking. No couch lock. Music and video games are great.
Very good

This was definitely a super chill strain. It tasted great, it hit hard and made me relaxed. Great for relieving stress and anxiety.
Very good

Really digging on this one. Effects are heavy, so novice users beware. I’m a huge Indica fan, so this one is right up my alley. Flavor is sweet, call it blueberry if you want, just tastes sweet to me. After 2 puffs things start to change, you start to sllloooowwww down and forget what you were doing. Around the 10 minute mark...you are fucking stoned! I mean that fucking numbing, I can’t blink or even think about shit, kinda...
Very good

Omg that was some FIRE ... one of the best I’ve had in a long minute had me coughing up my lungs ... HAD A MIGRAINE THAT HAD ME DISCOMBOBULATED . Shuuuu just had to GET HIGHLY MEDICATED ..
Very good

DJ Short Blueberry makes me happy and puts a smile on my face. My body has pleasant tingling sensations and feels warm (not in the temperature sense). I like to dance, but have to stop as it messes with my balance a little. I easily laugh at jokes I’ve heard before. When I play games, it makes it more vivid: looking at Skyrim’s environment is so enjoyable. However I played horror games, which was just a terrible idea, and I...
Very good

This stuff is great for the little kick of energy, then a nice relaxed state amd finally sleep!
Very good

In 2002 I brought the first generation of DJ Short feminized seeds back from Amsterdam, purchased from Paradise Seed Co. VERY expensive ($320 American/10 seeds). Unfortunately, the original feminized generation wasn't genetically stable. I read in several magazines about others having similar issues. However, I was still able to grow three plants out. Blueish-green in color, and very frosty, with super-dense hard colas. P...