Digweed Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very mellow strain. 5% THC 5% CBD. Uplifting, happy.

I honestly don't know why this strain doesn't have more good reviews. It's one of my favourite so far. Very smooth, relaxing mental effects. You just feel so happy and find yourself smiling while pain is fading away and you just feel so relaxed. Disclaimer for all ladies out there: It was that 'time of the month' again and this strain completely killed the belly pain, muslce soreness and nausea. I was just there sitting on ...
Very good

love the smooth taste, really help for pain. I would so recommend this to anyone dealing with pain.
Very good

I got a high thc version and it is quite nice. Light and very relaxing without knocking you out.
Very good

Powerful, ass-kicking, major league body high that lasts for hours and hours and hours. Lemony/earthy flavor that is excellent to vape but if you're doing a bowl, mother of Jeebus, this stuff burns all the way down. But it's worth it. The stoned sense of peace and contentment is ethereal. This high CBD strain is awesome for my severe chronic lower back pain. I felt no pain whatsoever. Prepare, however, for an endless state o...

Digweed is a high CBD strain with reasonably decent pain relieving properties. It provides a relaxed feeling and a very mellow buzz. Overall a good strain but nothing outstanding about it.
Very good

Nice bud, real fruity on the exhale. Definitely relieves the anxiety and you can still function. It's a good day time smoke if you still have things to do.

Not the greatest recreational buzz but awesome medicine. BEDTIME! 3.75 out of 5

Very relaxing, more medicinal than psychoactive and an all around good daytime medicine. Induced sleep <1hr after medicating. Better indica for its price. Recommended.
Very good

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