Diamond OG

Diamond OG Cannabis Strain

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3 stars for an Indica is pretty good for me as they are generally not my style.
Very good

Hit this strain only a handful of times, but when I did I can say I enjoyed myself. First time hitting Diamond OG was at a pool with my friends, and it felt really good. We were all very relaxed, and euphoric. This strain will make you feel good mentally and physically. I’ve never felt too tired from this strain, but I can see it helping if you can’t sleep.

my first time using anything other than unknown street sold pot. using the concentrate form from dank vapes. the first time, I overdid it. i forgot how potent these are, and took way too many hits. I've done street dabs, so i thought i could handle it. i was okay, I just got very dizzy and nauseous. now that I've got s better grasp on dosage, this is one amazing strain. nice body buzz that I look for, yet a n...

Definitely loud af. Got me feeling introspective. I hope to sleep like a rock tonight. I will update later.
Very good

great for after work relaxation!

Nice buds, good fruity flavor, but the high wasnt to my liking, it was a mellow relaxation, but wasnt too strong. Good strain overall!

Pleasant to look at, smell , and smoke. An indica through and through. painkiller, stress reducer, insomnia crusher in a higher dose. rich flavours. complex on the palate.
Very good

It’s one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked, from the citrusy taste to the high. It’s my favorite atm. It’s a great strain if u haven’t tried it you definitely should.
Very good

This strain makes me feel FADED. Couch lock isn't too bad. I can still be active if I want to. Munchies will happen.
Very good