Diablo Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I got it in the concentrate form from trulieve. It's really good.

I only defer to indicas for extreme pain during the day time otherwise I use them to combat insomnia. This one does not disappoint. I’m partial to do si dos but this one is wonderful in its ability to bring my mind to a halt very gradually which is a major plus for me. This is a solid strain.
Very good

👌 very good weed. Tastes good and fruity.

Literally put my ass inda couch and ima everyday smoker midnight toker. Def 2nd favorite strain, behind Khalifa Kush
Very good

very good for relaxing it makes me sleepy

Not for me. I was expecting something stonger. Nice but light.
Very good

It's the best indica.
Very good

I felt attracted by the name and color of the cover , call it marketing I guess LOL ..I have tried shatter Diablo from PHYTO , pretty tasty and aromatic like wet soil , full body , no regrets . Looking forward to Diablo OG

Diablo - easy, fast high . We smelled the strand and noticed it was a fruity HIGH smell . Pulled about 3 times and realize an instant buzz . Smoked 3 blunts with friends. Stimulate , relaxing weed when alone . Amazing appetite , sour cream and cheddar chips Haha
Very good

Diablo is no joke. Takes a bit to come on, but when it does...wow...very heavy indica hug for sure. Not to be taken lightly. You will suddenly become one with whatever you are sitting in. Your eyes will struggle to stay open at all. I suggest you keep water and candy nearby because your mouth will get very very dry. More than any strain I have ever smoked. Took this for pain and anxiety, and wow!! No need for any pha...